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675 R Sound

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so i tried the game yesterday for myself and I'm pretty sure the daytona 675 sound is a little bit off.

There are three obvious reasons that definetly need rework:

  1. The Triumph 675 engine has the very characteristic low rpm triumph whistle sound in low rpms and this is also something that clearly differs the sound from a standard 600cc 4 cylinder engine bike). Video for reference: This is entirely missing!
  2. The Engine Limiter sound is clearly broken, other bikes in comparison in the game do this completly fine Also since the Exhaust is not mounted under the seat, its pretty clear to say, that you guys had the daytona 675 h67 (2013-2016) in mind. This give me the question, why is the max rpm of this motorcycle in game at just about 13.500 rpm, but the original motorcycle just hits the limiter at 14400 rpm?
  3. For difference to load and no load sound-behaviour i think this video sums it up: .

    In my opinion you can hear more than just a difference in engine loudness, but also some how to describe it ... a kind of hammering sound in the engine while applying throttle?



    Other Motorcycles already do this a lot better in current state. For example when driving with the pocket bike you can clearly distinct by sound at which point the motorcycle is under load and at which point not.

As a said im gonna try to give it a shot to record it myself, but in my opinion, i think the best way to record this would somehow be statically on a dyno run, with an external microphone, and this should be something you should consider at some later point while progressing further with development.


Topic starter Posted : 18/03/2021 1:25 pm
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