Poor performance
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Poor performance

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Hello all,

Hopefully someone will read this.

For me the game runs very badly between 30 and 40 FPS (and stutters a lot) it does not matter much, if i change resolution or switch to *ultra* or *low* maybe 2 or 3 FPS.

I know my setup is old (AMD System CPU FX 8320 @ 4GHZ Radeon Vega 64, more then enough RAM, decent SSD).

I know i should upgrade but i tuned my system pretty well and to be honest i still run all my games @ 2560x1440 @ 70 HZ and 90 % of them are maxxed out (MGP 21, MXGP 2020, Ride 4, etc) 

even RDR 2 runs very well (not maxxed out).

But this game no matter what i try to do (change settings, change settings in radeon software) it just does not make any changes to the stutter and FPS 😫.

Any idea ? because this is real game braker for me, not fun at all this way.

And to be honest i was realy looking forward to this one..... i was hoping it would be a little like GP500 was back in the days. 

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No posible fix for this ?

Because for me (specialy races with ai) its pretty much unplayable 😫 

Am i the only one ?

Topic starter Posted : 15/10/2021 6:48 am