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Rider Lean

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Hello First of all, thx for creating this game.

So far after every update it becomes better, i bought this from day 1 release.

So for me plenty of time. no hurry to the team 👍.


one thing though *rider lean* i wish we get some sort of rider lean like in *GP500* 

So far after latest update i got somehow lost.

the 675 (or whatever its called) wheelies for me.

The 1000 does not 🤔 ...

Also rider lean does not seem to work... or did i miss something ??



I used to mod MotoGP 2 from Climax (MotoGP2 2006 Mod etc)

which means i am an old man by now.. but after all this time i realy like Projects like this

So all support from my side 🙂

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[Please login to see the link]

This post is also somehow of how my controller/Physics feelings are.

So still for me *Rider lean* is something i dont get or, it is not working for me. (xbox 360 controler)

Is this something we will get in future update's ?


Another thing:

The bike seems to be *Floating* over the track. this is also with milestone games (only just a little less)

Maybe the Pivot of the bike model is somewhere in the middle,  this is where the physics do there work ?


Till now i cannot get used to it (yet)

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