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(Mostly) fixed my controls

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I, like it seems many had no good controls when first getting the game a while back - I use a PSX 3 Controller with SCP to make it recognise as a 360 pad which works great in most situations. I think when I first set it up there were many conflicts and it seemed buggy, until I deleted all the .bse files in the TrackDayR\Track Day R_Data\StreamingAssets\input folder. Then when restarting the game, there were only keyboard controls mapped and when I remapped them to my controller, it works much better. 

There still seems to be no rider up/down control, and I'm not sure whether the 'steering' controls work, or are needed? - I've got lean and up down controls mapped to the left stick and steer to the right which mostly works, but I feel like I'm missing a\ bit of dimensionality to the feel of the ride...

All in all it's really nice though, a bit rough round the edges so far but the riding is fun and a little challenging, not as much as I'd expected after years of GP Bikes, but feels like a nice balance of realism and fun. I look forward to more development, VR especially and more content (TT Isle of Man track!!)





Topic starter Posted : 17/03/2021 3:24 pm