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Bike Modding Tool

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Firstly you have to download Unity3D (at the moment we are using Unity 2021.1.1f1)

Then you have to do download the tool [Please login to see the link] (v.0.5)

You can also read a guide [Please login to see the link] or watch the tutorial [Please login to see the link]

Thank you for your help creating MODS on TrackDayR 🙂

Topic starter Posted : 26/04/2021 3:07 pm
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Linkcheck script has an error message:


Assets\Bike_Mod\Scripts\TDR_LinkCheck.cs(9,13): error CS0234: The type or namespace name 'EditorCoroutines' does not exist in the namespace 'Unity' (are you missing an assembly reference?)

I'm using Unity 2021.1.15f1 (64-bit)

I'm kind of a Unity noob, so i have no idea what causes this.

If anyone can help, i would appreciate it.

Posted : 27/07/2021 4:16 pm
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Bike builder updated v0.7

Changelog and updated guide [Please login to see the link]


[Please login to see the link]

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