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How to convert tracks from other games

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I got some requests on people asking me how to convert tracks from other games like Assetto Corsa.


Always ask the original creator permission to convert tracks!


To start you will need to download and install [Please login to see the link]. This software is not free to use, but you get a 20-day trail with all of the features.


This software is able to extract 3D models from games. I only convert Assetto Corsa tracks so I will do a tutorial for this game.


Converting tracks is a lot faster than creating one from scratch but keep in mind that this isn't a one hour project and boom it's done. The .FBX file you extract could be badly textured once you open it in 3D editor software. Keep in mind that tracks can vary from exported quality and good quality from exported textures is not always guaranteed. You will have some work cleaning it up. 


Start with downloading the track you want to convert.

Open 3DSimED and click import.


Go to your track folder and search for a .kn5 file sometimes there are more than one kn5 files, read what they say and select the right one. This can be a different layout but also jsut a part of the track like f.e. files called asphalt.kn5, gravel&grass.kn5, fences.kn5, etc. you will need to open every single one of them to get the full track or you can leave them out of your track. Most of the times its the full track.kn5 you will need.


Now a dialog box will show up, I recommend you to select "keep objects nesting" and "user folder" create a folder like D:/TDR Mods/Tracks/MyTrack and select this one. your textures will get saved in that folder. Now hit ok.


If everything went right you should now see your model, this can take a while if you don't have a fast computer or it is a really big track.


Now on the top click export and after that click "Plugin Export".

A dialog box pops up to save your model. i always use an fbx. make sure you save the fbx in the same folder as you selected before, so your 3d model is in the same folder with all of it's textures. Once you hit save, you have the 3d file from the Assetto Corsa track that you downloaded.


Last step is to leave all the settings, (I'm not sure what all of these do) keep these selected:

- FBX binary

- Y axis up

- Copy texture maps

- include vertex RGB

- Control point verticies


Now open your track in any 3D software that support a .fbx file (most of them do). I hope that the conversion went great and that you don't have a lot of work after.


Now you can follow my [Please login to see the link] on how to get the track ingame.


I hope this will help you further an di hope to get some feedback so that i will learn even more.





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