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How to create your own track?

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Hello everyone,


Creating your own track is an exiting and fun project, which will feel very rewarding once you are finished with your track.


- Creating your track in blender

I have created a little "jokey" [Please login to see the link] on how to create tracks in Blender. This is not a full tutorial on how to work with Blender nor the only way to create tracks, this is a guideline to get you started with track creation.


Possible programs to use:

Google SketchUp (only free in browser)

Autodesk 3DS Max (1 month free trial)

Blender (Free)

And probably a lot more...


- Importing in Unity

First you need the [Please login to see the link] made by the TDR team themselves. (Link provided by [Please login to see the link])


The next step is to open the scene, you can find the scene in whatever\BSE_MOD_TrackBuilder\Assets\Sample_Track\sampletrack.unity

You can only open this scene if you have Unity3D, preferably the latest version. (I'm using version Unity 2020.3.0f1 at the time I'm creating this topic)


The best way to import your track to unity is with a .fbx file. Both the meshes and the textures are exported aswell as all your object names.

You can simply drag and drop your fbx and textures in your project (not hierarchy), Unity will automatically assign them. Don't panic if you don't see your textures right away, select your fbx, go to the inspector and select "Materials".


Here select:


- Material creation mode: Import via MaterialDescription

- Use embedded materials: Use Embedded Materials

- Materials: Extract Materials...


This worked for me, I had my Track.FBX inside my textures folder. i suggest you to do the same.


- Sample Track

The Sample Track consists of 4 main objects:

     - Track_Graphics -> everything you can see

     - Regia -> everything with camera's for replay mode i suppose (not a feature at the time I'm creating this)

     - LightningRendering -> everything about light positioning

     - Track_Systems -> all the technical aspects of your track 


- Track Graphics

As said before, here are all the visual (some non visual) aspects of your track, both collidable as not-collidable.

If you want to see an object in Unity, you have to enable the mesh renderer in the inspector, 99.9% of the times this is already ticked.

If you want to have an object that is collidable, you have to enable the mesh collider in the inspector. An imported mesh will almost never have a mesh collider, you have to add it yourself and make sure the mesh collider is at the exact same place as the mesh itself.

A track can work with only mesh colliders and self chosen names. But this will be unrealistic as everything will feel exact the same. This is where the naming comes in place.


A collision name will always start with #coll_ followed by the type of collision you want. You need this as the game will automatically use the correct sound and physics that belong to this collsion type. These names have to be exact, you can use the same name as much as you want. For now I don't know if f.e. #coll_curbs (2) will work... I just know that you can use as many #coll_curbs as you want. 


- #coll_asph -> asphalt, your main track

- #coll_concrete -> all of the concrete/asphalt next to your track

- #coll_curbs -> curbs

- #coll_gravel -> gravel

- #coll_terrain -> terrain like grass, walls buildings, ...


Only naming the objects like this is not enough, you need a mesh collider to.


- Track systems

These are the things used for timing etc.


- Startpoint -> the place where you spawn in pit

- FinishLineTransponder -> the finishline

- RiderHelpers -> TO DO

- Splits -> 4 split sectors

- Box: - pit_in -> the start of the pit, make sure it doesn't touch your track as your pit limiter will be engaged when hitting this trigger

          - pit_out -> the end of the pit, make sure it doesn't touch your track to avoid any possible bugs (if there are any)

- Grid 1 to 6 -> TO DO

- Refmt -> the distance in meters away from the apex, I haven't used it so further investigation is necesarry, (I made my own boards)

- People -> the dashboard man

- Textures

Once your fbx is imported and your textures are assigned, you will notice everything will look very bright, almost white.

- Lighting


- Building your track

Save your scene as your track name.

Create your assetbundle and build the track at a location you will remeber (see the [Please login to see the link] made by Ale about trackediting) this is how your track files will be named. I usually just save directly into my track mod folder itself.


- Getting your track ingame

A track mod consists out of 5 files, 2 files generated with building your track, one file about the naming and 2 png's for the menu and the map.

The 2 necesarry files generated are YourTrack and YourTrack.manifest

You can copy the naming file from another track and name it YourTrack_info.tdr. Open the file with any text editor like Notepad or Word.

The text should look like this

   "UUID": "#YourTrack",
   "leaderboardName": "Your Track in game name",
   "displayName": "Your Track in game name",
   "filename": "YourTrack",
   "levelname": "YourTrack",



Then there are 2 png's:

- The YourTrack-back.png is what you see on the laptop

- The YourTrack-menu.png is the little logo you see when selecting the track


This is it for now, this Topic is WIP so things will get added often. I'm also still learning how to create track to there full potential so not everything is coverd.


I hope this helps you in your track creation adventure and I hope to see some really cool tracks.


I'm an athlete... haha lol no I'm lazy.

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Can we import track with GBBikes database ? 

Posted : 24/03/2021 8:35 am
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[Please login to see the link] no, you need the 3D model, something like a .fbx file or a .obj file. If you want a GPB track, you have to ask the track creator if he still has the fbx and that you want to use it to create a TDR track.

I'm an athlete... haha lol no I'm lazy.

Topic starter Posted : 24/03/2021 11:24 am
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okay, thx for the reply , i'm newbie on Unity and modding , i'm only customise skins with Krita

i see "Mod" in bike menu , can will be create others bikes like GPBikes ?

Posted : 24/03/2021 1:24 pm
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[Please login to see the link] the devs are still working on a bike mod tool, i hope to see it quickly. Yes, we will be able to create bike mods like in GPB.


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I'm an athlete... haha lol no I'm lazy.

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I'm new to modding and don't fully understand the process of designing the track mods.

Would it be too much asking if you could make a video or something explaining it in detail?? I mean, it is quite detailed in here and in the ppt but I get lost at some points (like deleting excess curbs on Blender and making the surfaces collidable in Unity), and some visual guide would be great for me.

Btw, I've already downloaded your "Backyard" track and I love it, how have you created the elevation changes??

Posted : 24/03/2021 3:33 pm
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E' possibile importare qualche tracciato da file di Assetto Corsa?

Posted : 24/03/2021 9:45 pm
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si infatti la nuova pista e' la conversione da quelal di assetto corsa


Posted : 24/03/2021 10:04 pm