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Q: Where do I find more information and rules of the server?
A: You can find this information here: [Please login to see the link]

Q: How can I play the game? What is its price?
A: The game is available on Steam where you can also check your local price: [Please login to see the link].

Q: Is the game moddable? Does the game integrate Steam Workshop?
A: Yes, mods are very welcome and easy to create and to add in the game. Steam Workshop has not been implemented yet, but it could in the future.

Q: Will the game be release on console too?
A: At the moment we want to focus on PC release but in the future a console version could be possible.

Q: Can I donate to support the development?
A: No, at the moment we do not accept donation but you can add the game to your Steam Wishlist and buy it on day one to support us.

Q: Where can I find more information about the game and the development team?
A: You can find this information on our website: [Please login to see the link].

Q: Is the game supporting VR?
A: No, at the moment the game does not support VR, but as Unity is VR ready it, this feature can be implemented later on.

Q: Is the game supporting steering wheels?
A: Yes, it support any type of controller as long as you map the button in the option. The game is developed primarily for gamepads, so the experience might be different from what intended.

Q: I do not see my question listed here, where can I ask it?
A: You can create a new topic here [Please login to see the link], but please check if it is already present before writing.

TrackDayR Roadmap

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Grazie delle info e del vostro impegno, ho letto che nella 'release rodmap' è in sviluppo il replay mode; Una domanda quasi banale nella risposta, tuttavia la formulo lo stesso:

I replays potranno essere salvati?

se affermativo:

Prevede il salvataggio della intera sessione in corso, oppure si potrà selezionare solo una parte di essa a piacimento.

Inoltre, si potrà anche salvare la sessione di gioco riprendendola successivamente in qualsiasi momento anche dopo aver riavviato TDR?


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