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First of all, congratulations with the release at Steam! After playing for a few hours, I would like to provide some feedback which hopefully helps to improve TrackdayR:)



First when accessing the Option menu, in the header are options for bike and track, but they are greyed out. Are there plans for adding options under these? Like realism options for bikes? Time, weather, griplevels for track?


Choosing Gameplay under options gives the possibility to adjust lean smooth and smooth input mode. I think these should perhaps be placed under controls? Also, the selections made are not saved. So when restarting the game, you've to set these options again. I do think that 0 lean smoothness gives the best feeling.


Under audio it would be nice to have the option to turn menu music off, or set the volume for that. 


The Control option page gives at this time only the option for brake linearity. Are there plans to also add this for throttle and lean? Under Control Configuration it's unclear to me what Extra0-3 means and what it does. Maybe specify this, for example looking back or raising the finger;) Also selecting the Digital Rear Brake option isn't remembered by the game. Then this menu gives the option to select Exit, which brings the player back to the main menu. I would prefer Back in stead of Exit, to go one step back in the options menu and not to the main menu. 


Quality gives options from low to ultra, but there is not a lot of difference in fps, but on my system (gaming laptop with i7 and Geforce 960m) it gives around 30 fps, with maybe below 30 when selecting Ultra. I realize my laptop isn't the newest and therefore start struggling with the latest/newest games, but I hope it's possible to gain a few fps with more optimization:) 


Under the Options menu it's also possible to see Credits. I would personally not put this under options, but in the main menu, or make it visible when shutting down the game.


Under Options I miss the possibility to customize view. I'm an onboard (helmet cam) rider and it would be nice to be able to adjust FOV, also the amount of look into the corner, amount of tilt or for some players to use TrackIR or the likes...




Are there plans to select different helmets and suits in this menu?


When selecting gameplay type, for example TrackdayR, you get to choose bike and track. It gives the yellow start button in the rectangle (of the map or leaderboard), but would personally place that below the rectangle on the right.


When going to track, it would be nice if the last selected camera is set by default. I'm an onboard player, so I need to go through the camera's every time when I go to track. Also on the smaller bikes, some of the camera need to be adjusted. For the 600cc bike, the tank camera has the rider in view when he tucks in.

Also from the garage menu, it's not possible to exit the session. First you need to go to track, before the menu with exit can be selected. 

When the TrackdayR session is finished, the screen fills with the timingtable when crossing the S/F line. I think this should be turned off by default, so the player can ride back to the pits. 


Then the riding part, the most important part of the game;) 

But also difficult to express in proper feedback. The first time riding in the game I was all over the place and it didn't feel natural. It helped me a lot to reduce the lean smoothness to zero, so I had a more direct input in what the bike does. After more hours I started to get more feeling for it, which in a way is good. However, I still feel somethings can be improved and I'll try to put this down into words. Low speed (around 10-20km/u) lean feels odd because it seems that even with a small amount of lean the bike turn radius seems small. Also giving a bit of lean and then returning the stick to the center, the lean stays, till the speed reduces below 20 km/u and then the bike goes straight... It's like this is scripted, so the rider doesn't fall over to one side (which I understand, but makes low speed riding a bit odd). With higher speeds the leaning feels better with controller smoothness at zero. However, the bike (675R) is very planted on the track. I don't feel any weight transfer, and also think I miss the straight up effect of rotating wheels (when the bike goes quicker, it's more difficult to turn in, requiring more force). Besides that, I miss forces on the bike related to throttle handling. With that I mean when I open the throttle coming out of a corner I expect the bike to straighten up, and when closing the throttle on turn in, the bike should lean in more easy... When braking with high lean, I expect the front tire to tuck or loose grip, but it looks like the rear loses grip in stead. Also, it's looks like I'm able to open throttle with a lot of lean, without the rear stepping out, or losing grip completely and getting a highside... Maybe this effect this is more visible on a more powerful bike. 

I realize that how the bike or riding feels, is very subjective. And while I ride in real life (even a few times on a race track) and played different bike games (GP Bikes, Milestone MotoGP and Ride series), it's difficult to express how a moto racing game should feel, and also that different players feel something different. 


I wanted to say something about the Helmet view as well, but I don't know how to put it into words. I really like how the view works, but in a few area's it's not perfect and it could be tuned a bit. Maybe it's the amount of view into a corner, or tilt. For example the last corner of Cremona, it's difficult to see through the corner. That's a combination of the information we have in the top left and right corner on screen (maybe put that somewhere else?), but also the amount of tilt of the view... With more adjustable options someone can tune this for himself... 


I do like the more realistic crashes, that after a crash, you've to walk back to the bike, pick it up and jump start it. Very unique feature!!


I hope my feedback is of any use, but if some things are unclear, please let me know:) I'm happy we've another contender in the motogame market and looking forward to future releases!

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Thank you for the feedback, it surely will be helpful in the development 

Posted : 18/03/2021 11:04 am
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Thank you!


I would like to revise one thing in the feedback I gave above. I mentioned that I miss the straight up effect of rotating wheels (when the bike goes quicker, it's more difficult to turn in, requiring more force). But after a quick test I do feel there is something like this. 


And I already mentioned about the tilt of the view when leaning. It could use a little less tilt when leaning I think, but also when riding slowly and leaning a little bit (after a crash or in the pits), the view tilts with the lean of the bike, where I think the view should stay more horizontal...

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My feedback on the game: I only have feedback on the physics side, the other stuff is good and the bugs will be solved.

The braking needs to be more unstable like a wobbly rear.

There’s a lot of time to go full brake full lean before crashing. Full lean and touching the front brake should be a no go zone.

I miss the clutch

Why can’t is bump start in 1st gear? Idk of its like this irl but I started my bike lots of times in first gear so Idk why, if it’s a bug it will be solved soon.

The bikes slides unnatural, you can feel this the best when starting from pit and turn immediately.

I find it very hard to do stoppies on the 600, the front brake pressure is to low, or I have a setting that isn’t turned on but i don’t think that’s the case.

I would like to have more setup possibilities (I know these are things that will be added)

Maybe a more unstable bike when exiting corners, when u go to aggressive on the throttle, now it’s all to smooth and the bike just starts to slide.

This is about it for me, i have trust in the developers to create a good game with future updates! And the annoying bugs that are in the game now are just details, for me it’s the physics that still need some tweaks. But graphics are all great.

I'm an athlete... haha lol no I'm lazy.

Posted : 19/03/2021 10:26 pm