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Things that would make this a better game

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So far, I've only dipped my toe into the game and I've only ridden the 675R. But a few improvements immediately come to mind.


  • Allow us to remap controls.
  • Allow us to use the controller to navigate menus.
  • Explain what each option does.


One thing really bugs me. A motorcycle always wants to stand up, you have to fight it to get it to lean over. This game does the opposite. You have to push the bike up. Leaning is its natural position. Riding with zero smoothing felt the best so far. All other options, made me look like I was drunk when trying to ride in a straight line. But even then, the bike doesn't pick itself up.

Also, using the wrong braking technique should be more punishing. You can push the front brake to hard when leaning.

Finally, I couldn't figure out how to control the body of the rider separately from the bike. It might be me missing something, but if that is not an option yet, it definitely should be added.

Topic starter Posted : 17/03/2021 7:21 pm
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Also...there is no clutch control? Will it be added? 
Using wheel feels odd (works great in gp bikes). 
You can brake hard or go full throttle in max lean with no problem. 
No graphical options apart from presets. 
I expect the control assignment issues to be solved, but will we get more option (curves)? 



Posted : 17/03/2021 9:41 pm
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I have a great suggestion... A minimap! It's really hard to see where the bike goes when I crash, so having a minimap that shows the location of the bike (And rider when you crash) would be a great addition!

Posted : 18/03/2021 1:19 am
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maybe you guys can make controllers work so we can play the game and give i right?

Posted : 18/03/2021 8:04 am
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[Please login to see the link] My controller works fine

Posted : 18/03/2021 4:32 pm